Week One – Artist Interview by Anna Knecht Schwarzer

   This art piece titled “Timepiece”  by Anna Knecht Schwarzer at first glance did not make sense to me but after reading more into it, I found the powerful message Anna was trying to send to her audience. This student from California Institute of the Arts has taken it upon herself to spread awareness over the violence that plagues women around the world.

    She explains her own feelings of not being safe to walk alone in the world and instead of living with that fear for the rest of her life, she is determined to try and change this. It is her goal to bring these double standards and injustices to light with her art work. Until violence and rapes are taken more into consideration and held more accountable she will continue using her gift as an artist to do what she can to bring awareness to this issue. 

    As a young woman myself I really connected with this piece because I understand what she means by not feeling safe in this world. I grew up in an area filled with poverty and violence, and since a very young age I was taught to always watch your back and never trust anyone because girls are always the easiest targets for those who want to do harm. We should not have to live like this and it inspires me seeing others take it upon themselves to change things in the world that we have been taught to just accept as a reality. 


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