Week 6 – Activity- Drawing

Sadly I did inherit an incredible artistic hand or mind, but personally I thought I was pretty decent. It did not look that way when I tried to draw on my phone. On paper I can hold my own and do a decent job but online drawing is something completely out of my element and made me feel like a little kid could do better. I found that as I’ve gotten older I have lost some of my creative imagination side and replaced it with the need to be as close to reality as I could get instead of drawing what my imagination saw.

When I drew a girl off of French girls, I looked at it and thought ” How boring “, but why was it boring ? I noticed as I scrolled down the pictures other people had drawn, that the best pictures were those who had a little twist to them. They weren’t necessarily the most realistic, but the most creative. They each showed a little bit of the personality of the artist, if every drawing only dealt with being realistic then there would be no fun to it, but I noticed art is about letting your mind express how you see the world as an individual.

IMG_0036 2014-10-05_22.30.24


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