Week 6 – Artist Interview – Rosa Vazquez

Rosa Vazquez’s art gallery was not the typical art gallery I expected. Her gallery was on a topic that hit close to home with me, deportation. It’s a subject that many Latino Americans like myself find to be a big part of our lives. I have known people who have been deported and people who live in fear of being deported every day. Her gallery was very moving because it made me remember all these memories of what I have experienced in my own life.

When I first entered the room, what grabbed my attention was a video of a family crying because their second son had been deported, the first was deported and soon after killed once he landed in his homeland, and the fear of loosing another child was eating away at the family. This was followed by a daughter crying, remembering when they took her father, and countless other videos showing the devastation that deportation brings to families across the country. In the middle of the room was a stack of papers around 3 feet tall, each with the photo of a person who was deported but this was only a fraction of what was happening each day.

When I spoke to Rosa I learned that she was from Guadalajara, Mexico. She told me that she herself was undocumented, and until recently after she was given a document stating she would not be deported, did she find the courage to speak about this topic. Her own family had been ripped apart by deportation after they took his younger brother away and this was her way of doing what she could to bring awareness to the situation. She has truly inspired me, although I have always felt strongly about this subject because of my own family, I had never actually had the courage of being involved with the movement. IMAG2448 (1)IMAG2445


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