Week 6 – Classmate Interview – Chelien Nouchee Kue

This week I spoke with Chelien who is a freshman pre-nursing major. She is the oldest out of her family with two younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. She has very traditional parents from Laos which is located in East Asia. She speaks both English and Hmong.

We spoke about Rosa Vazquez’s gallery on deportation and Chelien said that she personally is against illegal immigration. Her parents immigrated here to US, but they did it legally since the US made a deal with their country. There was a video playing showing protesters against illegal immigrants and we agreed that a big part of why people are against it is due to fighting over jobs. I told her that personally I believed that most of the jobs immigrants get are jobs that most american citizens would not want to take either because of the level of physical strain or the little pay. We also discussed on how the issue of race plays into it and we noticed that elementary children are oblivious usually to the issue of racism but around middle school is when this issue comes to light and later in high school we are taught to not be racist but it still exists in some of us.

Although we are both children of immigrants we have different stories and different opinions. IMAG2451


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