Week 7 – Activity – Painting

This week I experienced something completely out of my element which was tagging. When I first told my my mom I was going to go to Venice beach to do graffiti, she looked at me like I was crazy. She has the typical mindset a lot of people have that graffiti is only vandalism and the people who do it are delinquents. In the area where we used to live graffiti covered our neighborhood, it was on our garage walls on the trash cans, anywhere someone could reach there had been graffiti on it at some point. I remember my parents always painting the garage door over angerly trying to cover what someone had wrote on our wall.

When I reached the walls at Venice beach I almost felt bad covering someone’s artwork. Most of the work there was amazing. It showed great artistic skills. These walls show that these people are artists and all they want to do, is to be seen by society not as delinquents but as artists. Their artwork is still art even though it’s not the typical painting we are used to learning about as art.

When I tried it for myself I really saw how hard it was to actually do it. My work was messy and looked no where near as good as the ones around me. Two guys were working on the other side of the wall and their work looked so neat, so artistic. I was scared to pick up the bottle and start my project but the people around me looked to confident in what they were doing. It was a good experience because it really made me see that not any ordinary person could do what they do, it truely takes artistic skills. IMAG2499


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