Week 7 – Artist Interview – Kenita Hale

IMAG2473 IMAG2470Since Kenita Hale was not there on thursday to talk about her gallery, I read an article about her and her art on the Daily 49er page. According to the article Kenita Hale is a senior at Cal State Long Beach majoring in fine arts.

Kenita’s gallery from the outside looked like a circus tent. Going inside the tent there were 11 altars with candles all around dimly lighting the space up. At first glance I thought the room looked like satanic worship but when I reached the alters I noticed that was not the case. At each alter there was a sculpture of what first glance seemed to be depictions of monsters. When I looked down there were cards telling the story of each one of these people with there names and photo. I learned that each one of these “monsters” were actually people with medical disorders who were used as side show freak shows because people did not understand their disorders.

Kenita hand sculpted each face in clay and then painted them bronze to symbolize her memorializing them. Hale said during the interview she has been working on the exhibit for two years, taking two weeks to construct each face. Her inspiration came from the band Gogol Bordello who had a gypsy element that brought her to research circuses and freak shows.

Her work intrigued me, it really demonstrated the aspect of looking more closely before making assumptions since even I thought they were monsters at first glance.


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