Week 7 – Classmate Interview – Corinne Sampson

This week I met with Corinne Sampson who is a 20 year old junior here at Cal State Long Beach. One of the reasons she came to Cal State Long Beach  was because it was hard to find a school with a dance science major. She loves dance, its her passion, but do to injuries she decided to not perseu it professionally. With the dance science major she plans to become a physical therapist but specifically for dancers. This way she plans to always stay involved with the dancing world.

Corinne is originally from Santa Cruz but now lives in Long Beach because its too far to commute from there to campus. Her first year she lived on campus but now she lives off campus with a roommate, with the financial help from her parents. She is a family person, so it has been hard to get used to not seeing them that often. Since she came she to Cal State she only goes back during the holidays.

She used to work teaching a dance class but currently is not working in order to focus on school. During her free time she likes to paint and make jewelry. She plans to graduate from Cal State and work in another city before eventually going back home to Santa Cruz.



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