Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Jose Lara

This week I met Jose Lara, a sophomore here at Cal State Long Beach. He grew up here in southern California but recently moved from Inglewood to Long Beach. He still lives at home and currently works in the parking lot of the Long beach courthouse. He came in to Cal State Long Beach as a political science major but has now changed to becoming an accounting major.

He’s a Latino American of Mexican decent like myself. He has one brother who also attends a Cal State but at Cal State Northridge. He seems to be a very social outgoing person and I had a good time talking to him. We talked about how this years he joined Phi Kappa Psi and is currently still a pledge. He sounds like he is really enjoying his time as a college student ever since he started joining more clubs such as the HSBA and becoming more involved in the school life.

Since we forgot to take a picture of us, I decided to take a look at his webpage. I paid closer attention to his last post showing how he transformed his page. Now without reading closely into his page you can clearly tell he is an accounting major which is great for future circumstances. Screenshot (3)


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