Week 8 – Activity – E Portfolio

Before this assignment my website was very simple and lacked personality. I used a simple theme and didn’t really bother to customize it. With this new theme I feel like it represented my personality more than my website did before. To my eyes it is more appealing to look at and it makes me feel more confident in my site.

I have created different categories for things that belong to art 110 and others that pertain to my major, psychology. For future uses it would now be easier to organize my work into a easier way for those looking at my page to understand. I also wrote an about page so as soon as someone enters my page they get an understanding of who I am and what my goals are in life. In the top right corner there are four lines which brings a menu showing the categories and my latest posts which i think is very clean and simple.

All in all i am more confident in my new page and I feel like it represents my personality more than it did before.

Before :

Screenshot (2)


Screenshot (4)


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