Week 8 – Artist Interview – Ja’rie Gray

IMAG2523This week I was most moved by Ja’rie Gray’s art exhibit named “My Complexion”. Since she was not there to answer questions I just based my interpretation off of her information sheet. She stated that this exhibit was created by her old feelings towards her skin tone. As a child she disliked her skin color but eventually she learned to overcome these feelings and learned to love herself as she is.

I agree with her statement that we live in a culture that teaches us that idolizes light skin colors and sees darker tones as less attractive. She knows she was not the only one who felt this way, and because of this she is doing what she can to show others how she was able to over come her feelings. She wants to empower other people of African decent.

Her pieces mostly consist of beautiful colors and one piece in particular grabbed my attention. In the picture she is sitting in a chair in front of a mirror and in her reflection it shows a her figure but only in a lighter skin tone . This shows in my point of view how she sees herself as a beautiful women just like anyone would see her if she had lighter skin.



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