Week 9 – Artist Interview – Myra Flores

Out of all the pieces in the art galleries, I really enjoyed the humor in Myra Flores sculpture titled Last of the International Playboys. She was not there to talk about her piece but her written description was enough to get her point across.

Myra stated that this piece was intended to be humorous, and I love art that is more on the humorous side instead of serious. She wanted her piece was to portray how men are objectified and idolized just like women are in magazines such as Playboy.

Her sculpture was of a man with the pink playboy bunny ears that women usually wear when men think of the magazine Playboy. When I looked closer I realized that her sculpture looked a lot like Ryan Gosling, who she used as an example of men women fantasize about. I thought it was really ironic that the sculpture was mainly white, a color of innocence and purity as if saying that the subjects we sexualize are innocent until we change them into being otherwise.

Her use of Ryan Gosling was perfect because in my own experience I have seen so many posts with women idealizing him

.images-1 IMAG2560


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