Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Lia Giordano

This past Thursday I met Lia Giordano in my art 110 class. Lia was to my surprise already a senior at Cal State Long Beach. She told me this was her last semester and she had already walked for graduation this last May, but came back only to finish some last requirements she needed to get done.

Lia is a journalism major with an emphasis in public relations and has a minor in fashion merchandising. She told me she already has a job at a pr agency after doing an internship there her sophomore year. I found this to be pretty impressive because now she is graduating with experience already in her field, giving her a huge advantage over those who don’t. She honestly really inspired me into looking for internships for myself, just in time so hopefully my junior year I can get one for my career interests.When I asked her if she lived on campus or off campus, we realized that we both lived in Lakewood and were really close. She still lives at home and plans to stay living in the area after shes done with school.

We both walked around the galleries and agreed that the piece called “Last of the Famous International Playboys”, was the most relatable because we understood the humor of Myra Flores which pointed out the fact that men are objectified just like woman are these days.



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