Week 10 – Activity – Photography

Izima Kaoru is an artist who photographs a Landscape with a Corpse, which involves his models laying as if they just died. In a video trailer, he states that he is scared of death. I find this very interesting because most people avoid things they are scared of but he has made a name for himself by confronting his fear day to day. This is very inspiring because he gathered the courage and turned a negative thing into something positive.

I personally am not afraid to die. What I am afraid of is getting old. I am scared of becoming so old that I would not be able to take care of myself. I don’t want to reach a point where I felt I was a burden on my family. Independence is something I hold to be very important and because of this I would rather die on the younger side, because as long as I know I lived life as well  as I could I would go happy.I want to die with dignity and have my last years on this earth be years well spent not years of pain and dependence.

For my photograph I laid in a street at night as if someone had ran me over. It is a really dark topic to think about because you can’t help but think about people actually passing from situations like that but it also just reminds you that death can happen at any moment, young or old. It’s up to you to confront your fears and make sure you leave this earth knowing you did everything you could to be happy.



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