Week 10 – Classmate Interview – Jose Luis Santillan

This week I met with Jose Luis Santillan, a freshman at Cal State Long Beach in my Art 110 class. Jose is declared a Psychology major because when he came into Cal State he wanted to go into counseling but now he changed his mind and doesn’t want to do that anymore. He is thinking of perhaps now doing something in industrial design because he wants something that involves both art and science. He enjoys both art and biology.

Jose Luis is from Bell in Los Angeles, not to far from the campus, maybe 30 minutes away. He drives but does not have a car so he gets dropped off. His family is thinking of moving closer to the campus in the Long Beach area. Jose is now working on campus in the design building, working with tools.

When he graduated from Bell High School he thought about going to a private college in Minnesota but for money reasons he decided that Cal State Long Beach was a better option. The summer before coming into Cal State he entered the Summer Bridge program which he feels was a great experience, He says it really helped him with knowing where to go for his classes and make friends because he was able to experience dorming and college classes before the fall.

I enjoyed talking to Jose, we had actually talked a little bit the first day of class but I didn’t know we had so many things in common.



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