Week 11 – Activity – Finger paint

Since this week we got to choose what art activity we wanted to do I decided to something fun and messy, finger paint. At first I thought about painting normally with a paint brush but then I thought finger paint would be better. With finger paint I feel like you have more freedom to play with the paint because there is no messing up. With a paint brush I feel more pressure to do things “right”, like there are more rules to what it is supposed to look like.

I went to the near by store and bought a set of finger paints, which funny enough are in the crayola art section for kids. I personally felt better buying my supplies from this section because once you got to the professional section of the art supplies, I felt too much pressure. When I got home and started, at first I was trying to be neat, and that didn’t work out. Then I decided to stop thinking about what I was doing so much and instead just have fun with it. I went from drawing straight lines to eventually playing with the texture and moving it different ways. I have a little brother who wanted to help, since it looked fun and messy, and I found it funny how he entered the project immediately without hesitation of putting to much paint or of moving it a certain way. Unlike me he was not scared of making a mistake. I found this interesting because perhaps it’s society who through time makes us feel like we have to be at a certain level of professionalism and seriousness as we age, but kids haven’t been taught this so they are more creatively free than most adults.

I had fun being hands on with the paint, playing with the feel of the paint and trying different things out. I tried to recreate a sunset over the horizon, a scene I love because of all the colors it contains. Like I said, at first I tried to be neat and make neat lines but I had a much better time and I feel it looked better when I played with the texture, blended and mixed colors. In the end me and my brother were proud of our first piece.

IMAG2680 IMAG2674


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