Week 11 – Artist Interview – Romina Del Castillo

I was really drawn to Romina Del Castillo’s gallery this week at Cal State Long Beach. Romina titled her gallery Shifting focus and it consisted of 8 portraits where she used limited colors and tools in order to add “intricacy” to the collection.

The paintings had an eerie feeling about them that intrigued me into wanting to look closer. The art pieces consisted of mostly black and white colors, with a touch of color limited to only a specific detail of the painting. I liked this about her paintings because most portraits are about being as colorful, bright or vibrant as they can be. With her technique I feel it makes her artwork unique, and it acts as a signature specific to her creativity which sets her apart from other artists.

The first piece that really interested me was her portrait titled Let the devil in. This painting shows a nun lightly touching what seems to be a baby that is flying down and placing a crown of rose thorns on her head. The baby might be an angel but it seems very dark, almost demonic and since the title is Let the Devil Inside, I am guessing that it is supposed to symbolize the devil. This would be ironic because most of the times babies symbolize the ultimate innocence. The crown of thorns is probably referencing the crown of thorns Jesus was forced to wear before sacrificing himself for the sins of his people. If the baby is actually the devil then it shows that even a nun welcomes the devil into bringing pain upon herself. The touch of pink also adds to the ambiguity because the overall feel of the painting is dark but the color pink is in my opinion a joyful color.

The rest of her portraits seem to be more direct depictions of reality which she said used live models to ” invite the viewer into the worlds which I have conceived”.

IMAG2614 IMAG2620IMAG2619i


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