Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Freddy Varela

This week I met with Freddy Varela who is a junior at Cal State Long Beach. Freddy is a recreational therapy major who wants to one day help people with disabilities get as healthy as they can be. I thought this sounded amazing because helping those less fortunate than you speaks great about a person’s personality.

Freddy came into Cal State as a electrical engineer major for the first year but had a hard time with the classes and found that he didn’t really like that major so he decided to switch. He says he’s much happier with his recreational major which is great because you can’t do something for a living and be happy if you don’t like your job.

He commutes within the city of Long Beach and graduated from Milikan high school so it sounds like he’s grown up in the area like I have. He isnt part of any clubs or teams but he says he enjoys sports like soccer and basketball but only for fun. Sometimes he works when he’s needed in a party supply rental business.

I had a good time talking to Freddy and I wish him the best in his career.



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