Week 12 – Artist Interview – Timothy Collins

“Something that means Something” by Timothy Cooper was an exhibit at CSULB this week that caught my attention, not for its beauty but for the meaning. This exhibit was made of 145 plates placed in shape of a plus sign. It was clean and simple and it made you want to learn the story behind it.

There is some art that is made to just be appealing to the eye but some art is made so a message can be heard. Each plate in this exhibit was made to show the power of a community to come together. The plus sign can symbolize that if we add to the abilities of one another, we can accomplish great things. Plates are fragile, just like we are as individuals but if put together we become something breathtaking.

The fact that it was so simple, no colors , no intricate shapes, it made it intriguing which worked well because it made the audience look for his message. I feel that if it were more complicated it might have been overlooked by more people. His message speaks loudly to the whole world because if more of us came  together more often we would accomplish great things.



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