Week 12 – Activity feedback

One of my favorite activities was the plaster casting because it was something I would have never tried. It was a great excuse to go to the beach also:) My next favorite was graffiti because it’s something I had seen all my life as vandalism and it honestly opened my eyes to the beauty it can be. Also I got to go to Venice and like I just said who doesn’t love the beach ! My last favorite was choosing one for myself because by then I had thought about art more and had things I wanted to try. I feel like if we had done that sooner I would not have been as excited.

My least favorite was the French girls activity because it was hard getting someone to draw you and I got a little impatient. Another activity I did not like so much was the instagram activity just because I’m not a strong believer that things like that are considered art. The last activity was the landscape since I’m not great at photography.

I had fun in the class because it opened my eyes to some things I never thought twice of. I would suggest doing more hands on activities and less online things because we spend most of our lives online, getting a chance to get hands on with something is great.

This is going to be my last activity post so peace and thank you for reading ! 🙂IMAG1087


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