Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

This week I taught my best friend how to plaster cast because it was my favorite activity.

First you go to the beach


You dig a hole in sand that’snot too wet or too dry.

You stick your hand or foot inside and cover it up with the sand.

Carefully pull your hand out. And begin mixing two parts plaster and one part water.



Pour it into the mold slowly so you don’t break your mold.


Wait 25-30 mins andthen dig out your casting.






Fill the holes and your done 🙂

My friend had a great time doing it . He did his hand and I did my foot just because it’s a great project. When we finished he was so proud of our creations that he decided to keep them. My only issue was that he hates pictures so he wasn’t letting me take too many but I did my best. We both love the beach and even though it was very chilly, it’s still great to be there.


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