Week 13 – Artist Interview – Jeff Dulla

This week, my favorite painting was called Chaos by Jeff Dulla in the BFA Drawing and Painting Show Exhibition. The painting has a use of strong  colors that all converge in the center into darkness. What grabbed my attention was that I loved the bright beautiful colors but when I looked closer and saw the amount of detail put into the painting, I appreciated it much more.

On the left there is a beautiful picture of what seems to be a castle made out of gold, with beautiful greenery around it. The picture reminds me of the gates into heaven where everything is perfect. On the right side it looks as if a volcano is destroying a city. This side could represent the hell side. In the middle it is black and it seems to be an oil rig maybe representing us, humans and the consequences of our actions.

My interperation is that we had a world thats beautiful, peaceful and heavenly, like the picture in the right. With the industrialization and all the contaminating of the earth, represented by the center, we bring darkness to what used to be a peaceful planet. The result of our actions is destroying our planet, which was portrayed by the red volcano.



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