Week 13 – Classmate Interview – Abigail Garcia

This past week I had the pleasure of meeting Abigail Garcia. Abigail is a sophmore psychology major at Cal State Long Beach who is also going to minor in child development. I found this pretty cool because this was exactly what I was going to do until a couple weeks ago. By majoring and minoring in this she hopes to one day become a pediatric clinical psychologist. She is already going to be the first to graduate from college but her goals don’t stop at getting her bachelor’s degree, she wants to continue with school and get her PhD. I think its amazing that she has  high goals for herself and I wish her the best.

Abigail still lives at home home with her family in Los Angeles and commutes to school. She is the youngest in her family, having only one older brother. Her family is Salvadorian and Mexican decent so she speaks spanish, as I do. She has two miniature poodles which is a coincidence because I also have a miniature poodle. Another thing we have in common is that we both love the show Once Upon A Time, my favorite show of all time.

She works at the school library, which is her first job and she likes it because its pretty easy. She joined a honors organization which works in doing community service.

I had a lot of things in common with Abigail and had a great time talking to her.



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