Week 15 – Artist Interview – Hyeri Kim

CAM00233This week I was drawn into Hyeri Kim’s gallery titled “His Extravagant Proposal”. I have always been a hopeless romantic. Since I was young I loved the fairy tales of princesses and princes getting their happy ending, and still to this day I can’t help but love a good romantic story. As a little girl I dreamed about one day meeting my own prince charming and this gallery seemed to bring out that dream everyone has of finding love.

The piece I was drawn was “The Bouquet” because of its simplicity and elegance. It consisted of what seemed to be a vase like cup which was made of copper. brass and sulfur. It had white rose petals scattered inside and around it. White roses are often seen as a symbol for purity, and in this piece it might be referring to the purity of true love. The rose petals inside the vase were much more white than those outside, inside they were dried but much less than the others. I interpreted this as those who find and accept love are protected by it from the harms we encounter in the world.

Love is a complicated feeling but if its true it brings a happiness that you never thought you could feel and this gallery draws the audience into thinking about what the word “love” really means for them.



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