Week 15 – Classmate Interview – Richard Chavez

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Chavez. Richard is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach and is currently majoring in Civil Engineering. Richard said that he hopes to one day be an architect who builds large buildings such as skyscrapers. I think it is great that he has such high dreams and I am sure he can reach them because he seems to be a very focused sincere student.

Richard graduated from Downey high which is not too far from Long Beach. When he graduated he was thinking of going to a UC but for economic reasons he decided to go here instead. He has a job where he works on assembling motorcycles and one day he hopes to have one for his own but for now he commutes in a car. He doesn’t spend too much time on campus in groups such as clubs yet, but said he was thinking of maybe joining a fraternity soon. We discovered that we have the same favorite soccer team which is FC Barcelona. This was great because they are one of my top passions.

Richard seems like he is a good student and I wish him the best in achieving his dreams.



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